Keystone’s number one goal is to help you sell your products.  Whether it’s addressing the sales, marketing or distribution aspects of your business, Keystone has the expertise and the insight to see the bigger picture, helping you meet your goals. An HVAC/R manufacturer’s strength lies in the engineering and manufacturing of products for the industry. Keystone’s strength lies in the marketing efforts to take these products to the marketplace. Keystone is another division of your company, an equally important one.

Services Keystone Offers

Build and manage the distribution network 

  • Match the best rep organizations with the product
  • Manage all contracts and payments
  • Keystone can be manufacturer’s single point of contact with reps

Strategic marketing 

  • Product positioning
  • Product launch strategies
  • Create demand for product - push/pull strategies for wholesaler and contractors

What Keystone NA Is Really Selling 

Speed to Market through Distribution network/infrastructure and Marketing Expertise

Key Target Audiences 

Primary Audience*

    1. Foreign companies with established products trying to enter US market
    2. Small start up companies with innovative products

* Key is no existing distribution infrastructure in HVAC market

 Secondary Audiences 

  1. Established mid-size companies who lack capacity to market new products
  2. Established company in another industry trying to enter HVAC
  3. An underachieving company with an innovative/high value product

Target Product Attributes 

  • Innovative
  • High value
  • Solve a pain point
  • Personality
    • Confident
    • Experienced
    • Leader


  • Distribution Infrastructure/Network
  • Marketing Expertise
  • Speed to Market

Core Values 

  • Adding value
  • Committed to success
  • Bringing a Fresh Perspective

Top Benefits 

  1. Speed of market entry*
  2. Build and Manage Entire Rep Infrastructure*
    Hire, train, handle all financial transactions 
  3. Access to best reps and every major wholesaler*
  4. Product and brand differentiation
  5. Allow manufacturers to focus on their core competency

* These are the unique benefits that Keystone can own. This is Keystone's Brand Differentiation.

Additional Benefits 

  • Build brand recognition
  • Add value
  • Think differently
  •  Exclusive to HVAC market
  • Accelerated margin performance

Simple Brand Idea 

Speed to Market For New Products 


  • Connecting HVAC Manufacturers to Their Market
  • The Strategic Marketing Partner for New Products
  • Experts in Taking Innovative Products to Market

Keystone targets the owner or CEO of a manufacturer of a product.  One that adds value to the HVAC/R market (wholesale distributors, contractors, technicians, installers, homeowners, property managers, builders)

Keystone is passionate about the HVAC/R industry and wants to bring the success of selling products to other companies, straight from our own personal experience.  We understand the challenges of the sales, marketing and distribution networks; areas that may not be a strength for the manufacturers.  Manufacturers excel in engineering and manufacturing a finished product.

The Keystone’s team has already performed a great deal of R&D in the HVAC/R market, working one-on-one with many manufacturers.  These efforts have created many successes and lessons learned over the years.  Keystone uses our past experience along with current technology and proven business practices to create our marketing services.

During this journey, Keystone has acquired and combined information such as ‘What to do’, ‘How to do it’ and more importantly ‘What not to do’ and has outlined this intelligence to build effective marketing efforts.  We have learned from our mistakes, giving each manufacturer a strategic advantage avoiding costly mistakes.  Keystone will lead you in the right direction to successfully developing new markets or launching new products.

Over the years, working in the HVAC/R market, Keystone has developed strategic relationships with the top independent sales representatives and the most innovative and successful wholesale distributors in North America.  Utilizing our services and experience will ensure that your products will be to market favorably.

Track Record
The employees of Keystone North America have worked for or assisted over 100 companies both inside and outside the HVAC/R marketplace, from small business startups to Fortune 500 companies.  We have the experience and the insight to effectively market your products in the marketplace with success and efficiency.