About Us

Keystone North America is a group of customer-centric individuals that understand the challenges associated with launching a new product, breaking into new markets or even growing in your existing one.  We appreciate your industry and the many facets associated with manufacturers, because we've been in your shoes.

Keystone is here to assist you with the sales, marketing and distribution aspects of your business so you can focus your efforts on making the best product for your customers.  Manufacturers are very good at engineering and manufacturing a finished product.  However, taking it to market is another concept altogether.  Keystone will work one-on-one with a manufacturer to assist them with meeting their objectives and addressing their challenges, keeping in mind the ultimate goal is to become successful in selling the products.

The benefit of using Keystone is simply our years of experience in the HVAC/R industry and our understanding of the areas of sales, marketing and distribution networks.  Typically, these operative departments of business are not executed properly, or worse neglected entirely by a manufacturer.  Keystone uses past experience along with current technology and proven business practices to work with each manufacturer to accomplish their own personal goals.  The Keystone team has already performed a great deal of R&D in the HVAC/R market, and have proven success with few mistakes along the way.

During our time working in the HVAC/R market, Keystone developed strategic relationships with the top independent sales representatives and the most innovative and successful wholesale distributors in North America.  Utilizing our services, experience, and network will ensure that your company will avoid costly mistakes and lead you to successfully developing new markets or launching new products.

Call Keystone North America at XXX-XXX-XXXX or email us at info@KeystoneNA.com to discuss your strategic marketing plan and allow our team of experts to guide you through our process.